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Waist Beads By Nora: Terms and Conditions. 

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before purchasing any item on this site. These are terms guiding business and privacy policies of Waist Beads by Nora. 


  1. We have the right to reverse the terms and conditions without any prior information to you. 
  1. We only publish the images of our products/items on clients based on requests.  
  1. We accept visitors to our user-friendly website from all countries in the world. 
  1. Order is confirmed after payment. 
  1. Discounts only apply when available. 


  1. No refund on any order placed and confirmed before delivery. 
  1. If the item gets damaged after delivery, we do not have a refund or return policy. 


  1. We provide worldwide shipping services, i.e., to all countries in the world. Shipping cost, however, depends on your location. More information will be at checkout. 
  1. We only take responsibility for packages based on personal errors, i.e., Size/Color errors. However, if the details were entered incorrectly by a customer, we are not responsible. 
  1. Little or No extra fee for returning package orders due to company’s error. 
  1. To avoid double shipping costs due to orders placed at different times, send us an email. This is only valid within 12 hours after placing the first order. 
  1. Orders are scheduled for delivery two to three days after placement. However, if the delivery date is not met, it is often due to the logistics and shipping company. We bear no sole responsibility for that, but we can ensure it gets to you soon enough. 
  1. On delivery, we do not take responsibility for stolen packages from mailboxes or front porches. We urge you to file a complaint to the nearest police station near you. 

Opening Hours: 

  1. We are open 24/7. 

Changes to Terms of Agreement: 

  1. Only agree to the Terms and Conditions of this website before using it. If you do not agree, please do not use the site.  

Contact us via email: waistbeadsbynora@gmail.com 

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